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Digital experiences that simplify lives

At Tandra, we believe that our ultimate goal is to make a difference to users by simplifying. How they live, work and play. We make everyday tasks simple and a joy to experience.

In today’s world, digital experiences have a direct impact on brand usage and loyalty. The better the experience, better the chances of a consumer using the brand. Crafting the right digital strategy, transforming that into an intuitive user experience and bringing it all alive through robust engineering and cutting-edge technology calls for the right digital partner. That’s where we come in.

We thrive in the intersection of advisory, design and engineering to solve business problems. Whether it’s transforming a physical store experience to a digital one, providing market updates on their wrists to investors or merging online & offline for a true omni channel experience, our approach focuses on evoking the right emotions and are engineered for flawless usability.

Our Execution Process

We first aim to acquire knowledge about our client’s business, which in turn, helps us understand product requirements and define the requisite technology, dependencies, goals and KPI’s.

The project requirements and scope provide the clarity needed for a comprehensive estimate on the effort and costing for the project.

We collaborate with our clients to identify the project intent and the challenge at hand. We then translate this learning into artifacts : user personas, experience maps, design principles, and a feature list that is viable from a technology and business perspective.

From quick prototypes to high-fidelity design, we continue to test our designs and observe how the right users interact with the product. We then proceed to convert them into pixel perfect designs, where colour, type and form all connect to create a consistent visual language in sync with your brand.

This step focuses on actual products, which are built ground up. Detailed module design and individual component unit testing is followed to ensure a robust product.

Here the components are integrated incrementally and tested for desired functionality and behaviour. The testing is done against the acceptance factors defined to cover the entire product, both from a technology and user perspective.

This is the final step, where the product is tested against defined user acceptance criteria. This phase could include a limited user-set level testing & detailed performance testing. Several aspects related to security compliances, network responsiveness and performance scaling are carried out here.

We ensure all our work follows a good documentation process. The design documents are created with clear architectural diagrams, data flow diagrams, API documentations, test reports and deployment notes.

We systematically monitor the product even after the release, making sure all changes and features are working as expected and look for any vital signs in real time.

Lastly, we strive to provide continuous support to ensure that we create a long lasting and supportive relationship with our clients.

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